Enfocus expands ability to guarantee perfect PDFs


At Ipex 2010, Enfocus are demonstrating the new PitStop Connect, a tool that enables printers and publishers to create Connectors (small desktop tools to drop a file on) containing PDF specifications for preflight which can be branded to designer/creative professional customers. The Connector can be distributed as many times as needed and is free for the creative professional. PitStop Connect makes it easy for creative professionals to deliver perfect PDFs to their printer/publisher partners.


"There are a number of tools available to help creative professionals create perfect PDFs," explains Elli Cloots, Director Product Management at Enfocus. "But they are often too expensive, too complex or too technical for creative professionals to easily use, especially if they infrequently create PDFs for printing. In addition, printers and publishers did not have access to easy, cost-effective solutions they could provide to creative professionals who only rarely send PDF files. Enfocus wanted to bring to market a simple tool that streamlines the communication between printers/publishers and these infrequent users without any click charges or other hidden costs. PitStop Connect fits that bill perfectly."



How It Works

With a one time fee, printers or publishers simply create PDF Connectors that creative professionals can place on their desktops without the need for installing application software. When PDF files are dropped on the Connector, the file is processed using the Enfocus preflight engine with a preflight profile and/or Action List defined by the printer or publisher. This also enables the designer to still make changes to the file in case of errors. The Connector includes delivery settings and sends a preflighted PDF file through FTP or directly via Enfocus Switch to the printer or publisher site.



Bridging the printer/publisher and creative worlds

With the introduction of PitStop Connect, Enfocus is committed to streamline the work process between printers/publishers and the creative community in an innovative and affordable way. "PitStop Connect is the bridge between the two communities and solves a number of communication problems," says Cloots. "It is also an additional link in the overall graphic arts supply chain to other Enfocus automation products, connecting seamlessly to Switch and PitStop Server. PitStop Connect allows printers and publishers to gather large numbers of PDF files with full assurance of their quality. Once received, files can be quickly and easily sorted, managed and processed with Switch at a level of end-to-end automation -from creation through production- that has been difficult to achieve in the past. We are excited to be bringing this innovative tool to market and it is in line with our vision to help our customers work smarter and not harder."