Morgana launches at IPEX

Morgana Systems will add to its reputation by introducing an entirely new kind of folder and a new range of creasers at IPEX.


The Morgana AutoFold Pro represents a new idea in folding, working with any creaser - not just models from the Morgana range - to create a creasing and folding station for digital printers who cannot justify the cost of a fully integrated creaser/folder.


"We have developed the AutoFold Pro", says Morgana's M.D. Quen Baum, "in response to demand from growing digital print businesses. These are companies that already have a creaser and are looking for specialised folding capability without having to incur the cost of an all in one unit like our DigiFold."


The AutoFold Pro is a free-standing unit with a vacuum feed conveyor that can be adjusted to the height of any creaser. It is simply wheeled up to the creaser and, with both machines turned on; the pre-creased sheets are delivered straight into the conveyor for folding. "In essence", says Quen Baum, "the AutoFold provides a highly efficient creasing and folding station which offers the benefit of our 'flying knife' technology to protect digital substrates from the damage that can occur with conventional buckle or knife crease folders."


The AutoFold Pro accepts sheet sizes to 600mm x 385mm with the standard conveyor and 900mm x 385mm with the optional extended conveyor and handles stocks up to 0.4mm thick. It operates at up to 6500 sheets per hour when folding an A4 sheet in half.


Using new Morgana touch-screen technology, the operator instructs the AutoFold about the length of the pre-creased sheet and which of many from a wide range of folds is required. Once delivered from the creaser, the sheets are accurately registered to the side lay and delivered to a motor driven shingling system that ensures consistent, high quality stacking. "Obviously, we expect many of our thousands of AutoCreaser users to be interested in the AutoFold Pro", commented Quen Baum, "but the beauty of the design lies in the fact that a printer with any model of creaser can buy one and improve productivity immediately."


Given a price of £11,990, Morgana is expecting the AutoFold Pro to be a big success in both home and overseas markets.


In addition to the AutoFold, Morgana will also use IPEX to show its newly invented range of AutoCreasers, featuring the Morgana blade and matrix creasing system and a new 'PosiFeed'

feeding system. This enables the feeder to be piled higher while maintaining consistency and eliminating misfeeds.


As well as an improved AutoCreaser 33, which operates at 5,500 sheets per hour and now costs 14% less than the previous model, there are two new AutoCreaser Pro models.


The first of these is the AutoCreaser Pro 33 which, in addition to the 'PosiFeed' system, is equipped with an intuitive 7" touch screen to control all functions. The user simply keys in the sheet length (popular sizzes are pre-set) and then touches the emblem for whatever fold type will be required. The AutoCreaser Pro will calculate where the creases will go and set them accordingly, with any minor adjustments being made via a directional arrow symbol. Because only symbols are used for settings and adjustments, no translations are needed so simplifying operator training, especially in non-English speaking markets


 Morgana claims that the AutoCreaser Pro 33 combines ease of use and operational sophistication at a level never seen before at the price. Productivity is enhanced by an increase in speed to 8,500 sheets per hour - over 50% faster than previous models. A selective speed control has been built in to allow the operator to decide the optimum speed for any given job. Another feature of the new creaser is an alphanumeric memory which allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named.


The third model in the new range is the AutoCreaser Pro 50 which, as the name implies, is the big brother of the Pro 33 and takes a larger sheet size. This new model also has the selective speed control and runs over 30% faster than the model it replaces


Closer to IPEX Morgana will announce details of new Pro models of their popular DigiFold combined creaser/folder and DocuMaster complete finishing system.


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