Fancy opening a print take-away?

Regular readers will know how we are encouraging the nation's print shops to take up the challenge to mix print with stationery. It's all about being more of a services supplier to our new and existing customers and ticking more boxes on their 'things to do list'.

Most of our 8 million, and growing, SOHO, Small Office Home Office, customer base already dabble with print 'in-house'. We know this as they struggle in with minutes to spare, for our help when their, free with the PC printer, failed to produce 100 flyers for today's local exhibition. Either it blew up under the strain or more likely ran out of ink or toner. Add to the fact that they are trying to print on paper stolen by their spouse from work or something on offer with a free bar of chocolate from a mail order stationer; the result is a rubbish presentation. Quite the opposite impression to what they were trying to make. Step forward the print professional; OK we do help with a quick and efficient fix, on-demand print is our business and we excel in our service. While the customer waits we print with the best quality results on a matching media and save the day, hooray! What better time to give advice on your customers print at home?

Best he stops doing it as the running costs can be higher than our charges! We have tried this approach but customers do like to dabble and instant results delivered to their own desk without leaving the room is a real plus to a busy small business. Great for one off copies and internal consumption, but when print has to sell it needs to be professional.
The home brew customer does need to step out for supplies though and we can help in two ways;

Print larger print runs and larger print formats
Supply professional print advice on our print at home range of manufacturer matching inks and toners, plus the best paper for the job, split a ream or sell single sheets to discover amazing GP opportunities. Have you ever sold a sheet of parchment card for £1? Well big stationers, with supermarket style parking etc sell blister packs of decanted reams for fortunes and they have all started to print as well. Come on, we need your help to keep print in the high street. If we have to sell the top 100 stationery lines to satisfy our customers one stop shop demands, so be it.
So who do we partner with for print consumables, who will give us assistance with point of sale and compatibility direction?

Will there be enough margins to give this project shelf room?

We are pleased to introduce our friends at JET TEC ...
The printer consumables market is constantly changing. With a noticeably significant rise in OEM prices, inkjet cartridge retailers are seeking an alternative product to offer to their customers -without compromising quality.

The key to repeat business is to not only offer a product that saves the consumers pounds and pennies, but to also provide a product that delivers the results and quality it promises to. Finding a brand that is synonymous with both of these factors can be quite a struggle.

As an industry mogul, you may be familiar with the 'Jettec' brand of compatible and remanufactured inkjet cartridges and recycled toners. Jettec has been the house brand of UK manufacturer Dynamic Cassette International (DCi) for over 13 years, and is currently sold throughout the UK and Europe by high street retailers, on-line stationers and large scale distributors.

The Jettec range of inkjet cartridges gives its resellers a significant cost saving of around 50-60% in comparison with the OEM product, allowing them to benefit from healthy profit margins. But it is also well known for its award winning unique 'Extralife' technology which offers the consumers up to 100% more prints than can be obtained from the expensive OEM equivalent. The combination of these unique selling points allows you to offer your customers a high quality value for money consumable at a low price.

DCi invest heavily in quality control, and print testing before despatch. This ensures that failure rates are kept to an absolute minimum, but also that brand image and reputation is not damaged.

Everything from Research and Development, ink formulation and empty collections, right through to packaging design and distribution is carried out at DCi's Lincolnshire factory. This allows them to be first to market with new market products, and to be flexible when it comes to product development.

Jettec's sister company The Recycling Factory collect over 225,000 empty inkjet cartridges per month. TRF work closely with Jettec dealers, enabling them to generate extra revenue from the empties they return. Jettec will credit anywhere up to £6.00 for each cartridge which can successfully be recycled.