FSC UK Chooses Evolution for Annual Report

The Forest Stewardship Council in the United Kingdom has selected Evolution 100 Premium Silk, available exclusively from the Premier Paper Group, on which to print its latest Annual Report. 

Evolution 100 Premium Silk is a high quality silk coated paper and board range that is FSC certified 100% recycled. The sheet is produced from 100% de-inked post consumer waste without the need for chemical bleaching. There are no compromises on smoothness, whiteness, ink drying time or its environmental qualities.

The Premier Paper Group has also helped to produce exhibition banners for FSC UK. The banners have and will be used at various FSC Friday events and will also be on display at forthcoming trade-shows and exhibitions.

"FSC UK is extremely grateful to the Premier Paper Group for their sponsorship of our new banners and the donation of paper for our 2008/09 Annual Report, enabling us to keep printing costs to a minimum. The banners have already been used at a variety of events and exhibitions and the annual reports have also been widely circulated, helping to raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry and the role of FSC. As a charity, we rely on the generous support of companies when it comes to producing such promotional material, which should benefit all FSC certified companies and, ultimately, the world's forests." - Charles Thwaites, Executive Director FSC UK

The Premier Paper Group is committed to a responsible approach to the environment and endeavours to minimise the environmental impact of its business activities through a number of initiatives; not least of all, an environmental consultation service to help and guide companies looking to attain FSC and other environmental certifications.

e-mail: environment@paper.co.uk