Konica Minolta’s Universal Print Driver cuts admin time

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd has announced a new Universal Print Driver (UPD), for all Konica Minolta and other brand devices compatible with PCL6 or PostScript. With a single user interface (UI) Konica Minolta's UPD offers considerable benefits for both network administrators and users.

By using the UPD, network administrators can significantly reduce print device administration time. Previously drivers had to be installed for each networked print device. The UPD not only eliminates this requirement, it also makes complex function testing unnecessary as the UPD's core is the same for every integrated printer."

In addition to these network administrator benefits, Konica Minolta's UPD also provides advantages for users with access to multiple printers. The UPD automatically detects network printers and displays a list from which users can select the device to be used. Users can also easily configure new multifunctional devices and printers connected to the office network.

Due to the UPD's common UI, users no longer need to learn the functions of several interfaces to guarantee smooth operation of their devices. The UI offers full functionality including layout, finishing and quality for pre-installed printers. All basic functions like paper size and print type can be applied for all devices, without installing specified drivers.

A further key feature of the UPD is a specific search filter enabling the user to search by feature set. If a user needs to print a high quality colour A3 double-sided sheet for example, they simply choose the corresponding attributes, such as colour, A3 and double-sided output, in the search mask. The filter then shows all matching devices. For enhanced print job handling, detailed information such as print speed or printer location is shown in the search results.

Malcolm Smith, Group Product Manager for Konica Minolta office products said, "This tool definitely provides users and IT administrators with a maximum of control and ease in daily printing. Konica Minolta is dedicated to providing customers with cost-effective business solutions for their document imaging needs. The UPD is clear evidence that Konica Minolta continues to be a total solutions supplier."

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