Océ colour solutions

Océ has announced the introduction of a series of new digital colour printers. The announcements include additions to the Océ JetStream family of very high speed inkjet printers and the introduction of the Océ ColorStream 9000.

'Océ is committed to continuously offer new business advantages to our worldwide markets based upon advanced technologies,' said Anton Schaaf, Chief Technology and Operations Officer (CTOO) and Member of the Board of Executive Directors of Océ. 'With the new members of the Océ colour product line, our company offers the widest digital colour portfolio in the market place'.

Océ JetStream and Océ ColorStream
With inkjet printing on a 30" wide web at a speed of 130 metres per minute, the new Océ JetStream(TM) 2800 system will support the accelerating market transition from offset to digital. The Océ JetStream 2800 expands the family's range of applications to newspaper and book printing. The simplex Océ JetStream 500 and duplex Océ JetStream 1000 engines are compact and flexible full colour inkjet web presses for transaction, direct mail and transpromo applications. The toner-based continuous feed Océ ColorStream 9000 systems offer maximum flexibility and productivity for transaction, transpromo and direct mail applications that are critical communications for a variety of industries.

Personalisation enhances direct mail effectiveness
Océ JetStream printers are designed to fully meet the demand of marketeers to generate high levels of response and conversion rates. In the area of TransPromo (bank statements, insurance forms), personalisation enables focused offers to small target groups that routinely open and read the trusted communication of statements and other forms of transactional documents.

A book never goes out of print
In traditional book publishing economics, publishers had to print books in long runs to keep unit costs down and have the inventory required to meet anticipated demand. The result was higher printing and administrative costs, returns, remainders, and warehouses full of pallets of unsold books. Digital technology is transforming the supply chain, enabling books to be printed in short runs ahead of orders or one-off against an order. Print on-demand is breathing new life into backlists, giving voice to many new authors and enabling publishers to keep titles alive forever.