Duplo International has launched a new high production perfect binder with PUR functionality to add to its existing single clamp fully automatic DuBinder range. The DPB-500 PUR perfect binder is ideal for short to medium run perfect bound books printed digitally or on coated stocks.

Producing a strong and flexible finish, the DPB-500 PUR is suitable for a wide range of applications such as text books, annual reports, art books, instruction manuals or photo books.

Designed for use with a closed glue tank system which is manufactured by Nordson, the DPB-500 PUR offers huge cost and productivity benefits compared to open-tank systems as it does not require draining after each use which means less wastage and downtime. Closed tank systems are also not affected by dust or airborne particles and do not require the installation of fume extraction.

Just like Duplo's standard-adhesive DPB-500 DuBinder, it runs at cycling speeds of up to 525 books an hour, making it an extremely efficient product. The DPB-500 PUR is capable of binding a wide range of materials with a maximum booklet size of 360 x 320 mm and a minimum size of 120 x 120 mm. Cover sheet sizes range from 360 x 696mm and 120 x 250mm.

Comments Peter Jolly, UK Marketing Manager at Duplo International, "The response to our standard-adhesive DPB-500 DuBinder has been phenomenal and with the continuous increase in the production of digitally produced books, introducing a PUR version was the next logical step as it's really the only 100% fail-safe solution for binding digital and coated stocks. We're confident that we're offering the market one of the most advanced, high-end PUR binding systems which is perfect for short runs, variable print and a variety of stock but which is also equally suitable for longer runs due to its high capacity book production speeds."

The DPB-500 PUR offers state-of-the-art automation to accommodate a range of specifications to set up a job efficiently which in turn leads to a reduction in downtime and cost. The integrated touch-screen control panel which can also be used to adjust the movements of the Nordson system, makes the DPB-500 PUR very easy to use and results in a book-bound quality finish with minimal operator skills.

Concludes Mr Jolly, "Using PUR to bind provides an extremely secure book with greater pull and flex strength that is more durable and can be opened flat without any risk of pages becoming detached even under extreme temperatures. Offering the choice of PUR binding means that customers can choose the right tool for the right job to maximise productivity and remain as competitive as possible."

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