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 Get Personal on Mother's Day

This month's significant dates kick off on the 1st March with St.David's Day so add a few daffodils and leeks to your personalised goods display. Red Nose day arrives on the 13th with the opportunity to have printed a few shirts unless you are stuck in a bath of baked beans. All your pub customers will be planning a special menu and posters for St. Patrick's Day on the 17th. Be pro-active and send out some flyers. Finally, don't forget your Mothering Sunday cards and presents for the 22nd.

Photos on canvases make a great present along with photo books and gifts.

Reasons to be Cheerful, One, Two, Three

Smiley Labels

As promised we have put together a very special label offer for you to supply smiley labels to cheer up the miserable task of chasing customers to pay their invoices.
At the head of this chain reaction is Richard Bradford who is offering all CSN readers a reason to spread some cheer. 

The prices include 'text of choice' on the extra / end label.
250 labels - 50 strips of 5 labels (with the extra end / text label) £15.00 + VAT
1000 labels - 200 strips of 5 labels £33.00 + VAT
Carriage / P+P is included.

These cost prices allow a decent mark up for the reseller. In Richards's opinion the labels should be seen as a service at the sharp end to help your customers get their cash flow moving. We frontline printers should sell them at +30% (to cover costs) the labels would then retail at £19.50 + VAT / 250 labels or £42.90 + VAT / 1000 labels.
The best bit is the re-ordering part of the sticker that will get your name in front of your customers customers. Yes people we don't even know will see how helpful we are and have an example of our printing.
This idea deserves this month's CSN best practice award as it is a positive piece of marketing at very little investment. Try it to prove it.
Contact Richard
Minilabel Ltd
Tel: 01444 417259

The next couple of paragraphs are repeated from last month's preview as we have added nearly 400 newbie's to our ever growing mailing list and don't want anyone to miss out in starting this trend.
The suggested practice will be, to not only place a request for payment sticker on your invoices and statements, but to also include a few sheets of stickers for your customers to chase their unpaid sales ledger.

Imagine getting your debtors to canvass for new business for you at no charge. Setting the precedent to ask for payment with a smile and to encourage everyones cash to start flowing again can be better than self financing; we should all make a profit out of this. One of the stickers on the sheet will have your details on to receive more orders for stickers.

It is never too late to spread some goodwill and our message for your customers to pay you, so you can pay your creditors and they can pay you, is simple but true. If the banks ain't helping we need to do something ourselves.
Richard is offering a special price for sets of stickers so you can send loads out. Don't wait for someone to owe you money as we can sell these batches of stickers to anyone who is owed some money themselves. Well that's everyone. Isn't it?

Smiley Cards

Similar to the above, this is your second reason to be cheerful, but with a different CSN print partner, namely  www.fullcolourcard.co.uk
Smiley money chaser on the front and special offer for business card printing on the back.

Images front and back of cat/smiley card also can you use ¼ page ad reduced to business card?

Sending these out with your statements and giving loads to others to do the same, will deliver sales leads from strangers.  sales@fullcoloucard.co.uk tel. 0191 388 2698

Smiley Presco
Hey Presco, reasons to be cheerful, stage three.
To be fair, we smile quite a lot in the CSN offices because we are after all copy shop owners and need a sense of humour in our daily run ins with those real customers. We even laugh off the loss of revenue when an advert from somewhere in Europe fails to arrive as we, in printers terms, need to put the magazine to bed regardless.
Bad news is always outweighed by feedback from our readers and offers from our favourite suppliers.
Imagine then the negotiations at the hard end of publishing when we agreed a price for an inside page advert last month with Jon at Presco, who then changes the deal to include a goody box selection from his new supplies catalogue. Living proof that when anyone sets out to over deliver on a sale then the customer, this time our Maureen, was overwhelmed.
Image of goods ordered plus a smiley with eyes replaced with a M and a O
Check out her smile and the goodies from her wish list; 6206, Latex gloves - large £4.85, 6139 Sterling knife £20.48, 4453 Hand Round Cornered x 2 £19.82. 6506 Buff Economy Tape x 36 £30.96. 8068 3:1 Renz (Silver) x 3 £29.52. 8090 3:1Renz (Black) x 4 £32.00. 8041 3:1Renz (White) x 2 £13.92. 2418 Calendar Hangers x 1000 £24.76.
1610 A4/400mic textured x 100 £24.66 plus Loop staples 66/6R - 1 box. Electric stapler, an ordinary stapler and a box of staples. Call me frugal but this is the best Valentines present I have arranged for Maureen since taking her to Gilingham to watch the Albion!

Thanks to all our friends at Presco for offering not only a huge variety of difficult to source print supplies, but for rewarding those who are still out there trying to put a smile on our customers faces.
Presco Print Finishing Solutions, tel. 01793 716300 email  machines@presco-uk.com

Chauffeur Monkeys

Now here's a revived idea that worked well during the last business blip.
Get to know your local taxi firms and give them some free business cards. Use your half price offer from www.fullcolourcard.co.uk  and you land the opportunity to touch 500 locals for under a tenner. 

Same deal as before, your special offer on one side and the taxi firm on the other. We have trialled this and it works. Remember our pledge to lead by example and 'Carry on Marketing', set the precedent and others will follow.

You could even sell your side of the card for a taxi reprint and promote a local pizza firm or DVD store.

Let CSN know how you get on and share your successes. teamwork@copyshopnews.co.uk 

Kit on Test
Next month we will be road testing a new LFP KIP 3100 with more plans to profit from. Our beta test boys will also be looking at new opportunities with the versatile Roland colour solvent printer range, while Martin gets to grips with the new Epson LFP. The model escapes me but it sounds like a BMW.
Finally, following a visit down south from Michael at RCS we will be looking at offering many more litho print products. We will be boasting an easy use and view customer price list along with superb sample brochures and web shop. As usual we are open to reader requests and are happy to research anything on your next investment list. betatest@copyshopnews.co.uk