Xerox Gives Customers More “Green” Printing Choices
Xerox is making it simpler for customers to print more responsibly. The company has unveiled a comprehensive programme of papers, resources and Web tools to help customers identify the right paper, the right supplies and the right way to print with the environment in mind.
"The paperless office is far from a reality as businesses still depend on the printed page for communications and information sharing," said Frank Edmonds, senior vice president, Xerox Supplies Business Group. "Our job at Xerox is not only to provide the best technology and services for managing documents but also to help our customers print what they need in the most environmentally responsible way. It's a logical role for Xerox to play and our robust portfolio of 'greener papers' builds on our long history of commitment to environmental innovation and helps our customers put their sustainability plans into action."

Greener Papers
To provide its customers with "greener" printing choices, Xerox is introducing additional papers in Europe and North America that are independently certified to sustainable forest management standards and new recycled papers designed for digital printing.

In Europe these include:

? Planet Optimum: FSC-certified paper that contains more than 30 percent post-consumer recycled content and is chlorine-free.
? Premier PEFC or Premier FSC: PEFC-certified or FSC-certified versions of premium multipurpose paper with a high level of whiteness for production of high-end office documents such as reports and presentations.
? Colotech+ FSC: FSC-certified paper with an extra smooth uncoated surface and a high level of whiteness for professional digital colour printing of creative documents with colour graphics and pictures.

Xerox papers carrying labels from the FSC, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) help consumers to easily find products that meet strict worldwide standards for sustainable forestry.

Sustainability Mark for Green Product Identification
Xerox is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices with a brand new mark, to reinforce the company's actions specifically related to paper offerings. The mark will start to appear on product marketing materials and packaging . This helps make it simpler for customers to select the right papers to meet both their sustainability goals and printing needs. The mark will be accompanied by a description of how Xerox supports the development of a sustainable paper cycle, specific paper benefits and a web link for more details.

Customer Sustainability Tools
Xerox's Paper and Supplies Sustainability Web portal provides easy-to-use resources to help customers assess their paper choices and the environmental impact throughout the paper's lifecycle. Tools include a comprehensive paper reference guide that educates customers about environmentally responsible paper choices, a sustainability brochure with tips for "greener" printing, Webcasts from industry experts discussing sustainability practices and links to the Xerox Green World Alliance recycling program and other sites about Xerox's environmental

For more information about Xerox's commitment to environmental stewardship and the company's sustainability strategy please visit http://www.xerox.com/environment .